Foundation of Mahler Consulting based in Moers, Germany as a consulting company for organisation and use of ERP-systems.

Mid 1993
Change of name and legal form to Mahler + Partner GmbH.

Early 1994
Set up of a branch in Mönchengladbach, Germany. Services such as office service and order processing for commercial customers were offered.

Relocating of the head office from Moers to Mönchengladbach, Steinmetzstrasse, and rental of a warehouse in Rudolfstrasse 10. Main business focus switches to order processing for merchandise products and scales models for collectors of construction and agricultural machines.

By renting more office and warehouse space in Rudolfstrasse 10, office and warehouse moved to one address.

Beginning 2006
Move into our independently owned building at Tomphecke 40, Mönchengladbach – Hardt, with office and warehouse space.