We are a full-service (fulfilment) company dealing in the Promotional Merchandise and its Marketing industry.

We are a “one-stop company” offering the design and operation of an on-line merchandise shop as well as the designing and printing of supporting catalogues if required.

As well as the above we are able to independently choose the products if instructed, or work together with the client to bring their ideas to reality. An In-House sourcing department with the ability to source locally, within Europe or direct with our fully inspected and loyal Far East factories is an advantage we like to pass on to our clients. We are able to offer storage of the items, order processing, packing, and the worldwide shipment to the end customer. Whatever the product, be it in a single or full container then Mahler + Partner GmbH can meet your needs.

Beside the classic and textile promotional items, Die-cast scale models of construction and agricultural machineries are an important part of our product range and compliment the usual promotional clothing and other classic promotional products.

Our main sales area is Europe, but our customers are also based in Middle East, Africa, Asia, and United States.